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and needs to be protected at all costs. >> you have ads up in new york city and some on buses in california this summer. again, a judge will make a final decision tomorrow. robert muse, the plaintiff's attorney and an expert in constitutional law. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >>> the president of a fast- food chain is reaffirming his company's commitment to what he calls biblical families. listen to a part of the interview. >> families are important to our country. they important, i think, to awful us and we're concerned about being able to hang on to the heritage we have. >> he's the chick filet president and made the comment in one of the first interviews since earlier anti-gay comments ignited a firestorm of protests and counterdemonstrations. chick filet said it will continue to donate to efforts that strengthen families and enrich families and doesn't intend to support social or political agendas. >>> should parent -- children be jailed if they're missing from school, their children. wait until you hear what happened to a california man. >> a person sues after c
legislation where in the district would join california, nevada and florida in allowing testing of driverless cars. several council members have already been passengers in the google car. >> in may i actually rode in an autonomous vehicle through downtown d.c.. the experience was remarkable for its unremarkableness. >> reporter: sponsors of the legislation say it needs tweaking but the ing driverless experimental vehicles in d.c. will likely come to a committee vote within weeks. so the 64 zillion dollar question is when will consumers get to buy self-driving cars? well, volvo and daimler favor incremental introductions. safety feature by safety feature. google is going for the whole ball of wax but the company wouldn't offer a specific timeline for widespread consumer use. but it was clear from my interview with the head technical guy on the google project, they already think the cars on the road in california are safer than cars being driven by human drivers. laura? >> safer? i'm still -- oh. boy, i'm -- i'm surprised. >> they can peak decisions. they can make decisions in microseconds. >>
is in short supply and so, they are simply out here, one of the 12 cost keys in southern california that is -- cost keys that are out of gas and people are seeing prices at the pump. higher near 20 cents since yesterday to nearly $4.54's gallon in l.a. county and that is the highest single day so to speak. experts predict it's likely we will break the record of $4.52 and that is set in ruin of 2008 and week see authority them at $5 a gallon and this is due to inventory problems, refineries decreasing production as they wait to switch over to the winter grade fuel and this past monday, a refinery was shut down and in northern california, it's offline from a fire last august and these price spikes are supposed to be short when refineries will produce the winter blend fowl and operators are asking the state for a flavor to produce the winter blend now. until then, we can expect long lines at the gas pumps and more gas pumps shutting down. also, higher gas prices. how long will the high gas prices last? well, that remains to be seen. in north ridge, bob decastro, fox news. >>> let's hop
that romney has been an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy. president obama is still in california today. where he announced the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. he paid respects at the labor leader's grave along with the widow of chavez and greeted a crowd gathered there and told him how he made a difference in the highways of countless farm workers. >> a boycot of table grapes in california eventually grow 17 million supporters across the country. forcing them to agree to the first farm contract in history. whether -- where it was once despair, he gave workers a recent -- reason to hope. >> the polls have the president leading mitt romney in california and among latino voters. there is good news for mitt romney on the heels of his performance in the first presidential debate. several new polls show him closing the gap between him and president obama. how big of a jump in the polls are we talking about here? >> reporter: po to put it safely here, mitt romney closed the gap. keep in mind, heading into last week in that debate, mitt romney was trail is trawling in seve
," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? . >>> california set a state record for gas prices. the hikes might be slowing a bit. today's average for a gallon of regular, $4.67. the price jumped only a fraction of the cent overnight, compared to 50-cents in the past week. industry experts blame the industry costs, here it is ojaier demand, california's strict standards that don't allow for gas to cross state lines and refinery outages, which led to a decreased supply. >>> the good news, we don't have it as bad as california. prices in our area are still well above what they should be for this time of the year. according to aaa, the national average, $3.82. in d.c., a gallon of regular will run $3.89 and in maryland, $3.70; in virginiava, $3.60. john townsend, the manager of government&affairs joins us. it's always great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> great seeing you, shawn. >> reporter: the summer driving season is over. replaced and the price of crude is down. why aren't we seeing the prices drop in the northeast like the rest of the country? >> you summed it up nicely, shawn. one reas
arizona. come on, california. >> where did you buy that scarf? where did you find that? >> yeah, i had to dig it out of the boxes. >> it was mine, i lended it to you. >> it really looks nice, scott, we like that. >> thank you. >> listen, i have my red tie because i had to represent. you can't get in fox 5 before they hand one of these. sue is handing them out. she has a bag of stuff over here. listen, let me show you the temperatures. that cold front has come through and temperature is dropping right now. bob mentioned the breeze. it's been kicking up a little bit. it will die down a little bit. but it's still going to be breezy and chilly out there, too. manassas already down to 57. the ballpark in the upper 50s right now. first pitch at 8:37. we are thinking first pitch rings right around 50, 51 degrees. it will feel cooler than that because the wind will still be probably 10, maybe 15 miles per hour coming in from the northwest and the north and we'll eventually be falling into the upper 40s. now listen, it is game by game. i understand. but sunday's weather, we're talking 70s.
in california. an amtrak official said the crossing gate was down, lights were flashing and bells ringing when a big rig hit a train at a central valley regard crossing. the investigators plan to look at the condition of the truck. the track re-- track opened after the crews replaced hundreds of feet of damaged track and signal equipment. >>> american airlines confirmed that passenger seats came loose on the plane. the incident happened between veil, colorado, and dallas -- vail, colorado, and dallas. they're expecting -- inspecting similar boeing 757s. >> the 757 fleet is the first the americans outsourced and we're seeing since the first few weeks since it begun, several aircraft came in with problems. >> the planes were serviced recently on a maintenance space in tulsa and at a separate facility in north carolina. >>> auto sales were up in september. it was also a big year for chrysler, up 12% since last year and selling more vehicles than it sold since 2007. the company credits low interest rate and a brand now product line. gm saw an increase and sales for ford were flat. >>> the u.s. po
be on the rise. >> brian said buy california. we won't have this problem. and what exactly do those sell buy and best buy dates mean and which foods really last past their expiration date. we're breaking it all down for you. hi, gary. >> thank you, will. listen, it's been real nice today. the temperatures in the 70s. some rain is coming. thunderstorms possible, too. we'll show you radar and when we think they might be here and how long it's going to stick around. stay with us, a first look at the forecast is coming up and there is more news, too.  as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility, grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. would ban al
. the mall was evacuated and no one was hurt. >>> and in california, police are searching for a man who threw a molotov cocktail at another man sitting outside of a market. the police released surveillance video from outside of the strip mole on to pacific coast highway. can you see the flames erupt and is they say a man in his 20s threw it at the victim and causing him to catch fire. he was sent to the hospital with burns on his lower body, in serious and stable condition tonight. the police say there is no indication they knew each other and seemed to be a random act of violence. >>> a medical examiner in wisconsin said the suspected gunman's wife is month the victims in the spa shooting. he slashed his estranged wife's tire when is she was at the spa earlier. she was granted a restraining order against him at the time. police say he killed three people yesterday, wounded four others before killing himself inside the spa. >>> >> did a surge of that building expecting to encounter the suspect, and we were expecting an armed encounter if we did come across him. >> police say hotin had a
. it arrived at the california science center in los angeles on sunday. this was the culmination of a 12-mile journey through city streets in front of thousands of onlookers. organizers had planned a slow, final voyage about 2 miles per hour but the shuttle moved at a slower pace due to obstacles like trees and light posts. we're hearing from the man who broke the sound barrier. australian daredevil felix baumgartner jumped from a balloon near the edge of space and spent several minutes in free fall before landing with the help of a parachute. his body traveled at speeds, get this, just under 834 miles per hour. >> let me tell you, when i was standing there on top of the world, you become so humble. you do not think about breaking records any more, you do not think about gaining scientific data, you just want to come back alive because you do not want to die in front of your parents, your girlfriend and all of the people watching this. >> pretty incredible. you can see him literally tumbling into the akron's atmosphere. he is now the first man to shatter the sound barrier without using a jet
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10